About Us

Majid Mall  With a floor area of 1,272.00 square meters and a building area of more than 12,000.00 square meters is located in the heart of Kabul City and it is the closest Mall to the diplomatic enclave area (Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan & Shirpur). The eight story building was built in year 2006 and  named as Supreme Tower.

Supreme Tower  is also known as Etisalat building after it was rented out to Etisalat Afghanistan which is the fourth GSM service provider in Afghanistan.

Since rental business is sleeping business and it really does not need any struggle and involvement therefore the owner Mr.Mohammad Mansoor Majid decided to establish the biggest shopping mall soon after Etisalat evacuated the building in fact Mr.Majid’s dream for the building was developing a shopping mall while the building was under construction.

Mr.Majid has a vision to implement sustainability best practice in both in his management of the Mall and in any future enhancement work.
Since now the dream has become true and Majid Mall is going to revolutionize the shopping experience and will soon become a leader in retail and entertainment. Majid Mall will be one of the top consumers destinations in the country as well as one of the most recognizable brands with interconnecting pathways enabling visitors to easily walk from store to store, along with a parking area. The management team is struggling day and night trying to make Majid Mall synonymous to shopping the example of such instances has not been witnessed yet in Afghanistan.

Majid Mall will have  a positive affect on Kabul as it contains shops which contain may different types of  items like clothes, electrical, food, non food, design & décor, electronics etc and department stores.

It will be a pleasant place to look around as it is  clean, secured  and very modern in addition to a kids play area It will also have café and a restaurant.
We are planning that everything you  need will be available at Majid Mall.